Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Google is machist

Looking for documentation about Google map API I stumbled upon this Google video:

from which I transcribe an excerpt of the 15 first seconds:
"I'm the mom of a young boy named Alexander."
"I also work at Google and my little daughter's name is Isabel."
May I know in which way the above information regarding their respective offspring is relevant to the subject here?
Is this small insight on their personal life supposed to make them nicer? Is it to convince the average American housewife that she can use Google map because it's developed by people like her? Surely. But wait, another ploy. They're gonna use Google map to plan a trip to disneyland! Isn't that nice? Well surely, if Google had chosen 2 males for this demo, they would have planned a fishing trip with their buddies.
So don't worry, everything is normal. Family matters remain women's prerogative and these 2 have done their duties to the American country by spawning more consumers.
This innocent video is actually symptomatic of how American culture has such an outdated vision of women and men respective roles in society. Google might not be evil but it is definitely old fashioned.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Imaginary dialogue with an afterlife salesperson

- There's a lot of different options here, could you help me ?
- Sure. It depends a lot on what you're ready to do during your lifetime. This product for instance requires that you follow a set of 10 easy rules.
- What do I get ?
- A place in the countryside with gentle animals all around.
- Sounds a bit tame.
- Ok. Let's see. Would you be willing to undergo a small penis alteration ?
- What ?! No way.
- How about having several wives but abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, tea and coffee ?
- Tempting but I work in the IT industry. I couldn't quit coffee.
- What about this offer that comes with 72 virgins.
- Hmm, sounds like a lot of teaching to do. What's required ?
- You have to put on several pairs of underwear and blow yourself up.
- Huh, anything else ?
- There's this new product that instead guarantees you 12 sluts and...
- Ok, deal.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Politiquement correct

Toute cette terminologie politiquement correcte commence à virer au ridicule. Je propose d'utiliser pour désigner les crétins et les idiots en tous genres : personnes à capacité cognitive réduite.

l'Obsession de la Musaraigne

Dans un restau japonais, un tempura de pince de crabe sans carapace a dirigé la conversation sur le "Complexe du Homard", une théorie de Françoise Dolto, pédiatre et psychanalyste française selon laquelle l'adolescent s'apparenterait a un homard pendant la mue. Si l'on s'en tient aux métaphore animalières et qu'on se restreint au genre masculin je comparerais plus un adolescent à une musaraigne qu'à un homard. La musaraigne, c'est ce petit rongeur dont la particularité est que le mâle meurt généralement d'épuisement suite à un effort sexuel trop soutenu durant la période reproductive. C'est une mort que beaucoup de mâles de notre espèce souhaiteraient à eux-même mais je m'éloigne du propos. Imaginons maintenant que l'on procure à un adolescent la possibilité de niquer autant de superbes bonnasses consentantes qu'il le souhaite. Il faut visualiser d'un coté les adolescents pubescents livrés au chaos hormonal, de l'autre les bonnasses en file indienne derrière le pas de sa porte ou dans sa chambre, attendant docilement qu'il les sélectionne. Dans ces conditions, l'adolescent, tout comme la musaraigne, enchaînerait les copulations jusqu'à atteindre l'épuisement total. Voici donc après "le Complexe du Homard", "l'Obsession de la Musaraigne".

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Agnostic Bus

For my first post I'd like to talk about the Atheist Bus campaign. I submitted a comment today. Let see if they publish it. This is what I wrote :

I was very happy to learn about the atheist bus initiative. But then I read the slogan and was pretty disappointed. The simple addition of "possibly", which may have been made to satisfy the ASA, makes the message not atheist but agnostic. An atheist by definition doesn't have any doubt about the non existence of god. The remaining of the slogan makes also in my opinion two wrong assumptions. The first one is that believers cannot enjoy life. The second that someone believes because he's worried. Most atheist may think that the reasons to believe are rooted in fear but this remains debatable. I guess the aim of this slogan was to be as general as possible, trying to speak to as many believers as possible but unfortunately it fails to convey any strong message for all the aforementioned reasons. I would have preferred something like "There is no god. Now stop fighting for it and be free." If the word possibly was really added because of the ASA, what about using the money to lobby for the right to freely express the real atheist views ?