Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Google is machist

Looking for documentation about Google map API I stumbled upon this Google video:

from which I transcribe an excerpt of the 15 first seconds:
"I'm the mom of a young boy named Alexander."
"I also work at Google and my little daughter's name is Isabel."
May I know in which way the above information regarding their respective offspring is relevant to the subject here?
Is this small insight on their personal life supposed to make them nicer? Is it to convince the average American housewife that she can use Google map because it's developed by people like her? Surely. But wait, another ploy. They're gonna use Google map to plan a trip to disneyland! Isn't that nice? Well surely, if Google had chosen 2 males for this demo, they would have planned a fishing trip with their buddies.
So don't worry, everything is normal. Family matters remain women's prerogative and these 2 have done their duties to the American country by spawning more consumers.
This innocent video is actually symptomatic of how American culture has such an outdated vision of women and men respective roles in society. Google might not be evil but it is definitely old fashioned.

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