Monday, April 12, 2010

On religion

I find it difficult to discuss about religion with a believer. The fact that the concept of god is based on faith and not on rationality makes it impossible to argue. Faith doesn't need logic or proof, you have it or not. It's a concept that sustains itself, that exists only because of its own meaning. Religion is nothing more than the oldest and most powerful meme.
Some time ago, a friend of mine which I previously knew as atheist told me she converted herself to christianity. I received that news as a shock. I tried to probe her about what triggered this sudden belief. She wasn't too eager to drill on the subject but basically told me she that had an illumination. Reflecting on that I realised I shouldn't have been so surprised, I already knew she believed in predicting the future by reading tarot.

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  1. Good association with memes.

    I'm more interested in discussing the value of faith on the wellbeing of humans.

    That is, is faith just a powerful tool created out of evolution? Would we humans be naturally inclined to faith and then we'd be punishing ourselves by asking for demonstrability?

    Faith seems to trigger emotional wellness to some extent, and this wellness is difficult to reach by other means. In fact, faith is necessary to some degree. To believe in something makes it easier to actually get it. To believe in yourself makes you feel more secure, less nervous; better as a living body.

    Faith may just be a tool that evolutionally appeared as a medicine to avoid thinking too much.

    All this seems to me much more interesting than the truth of a religion, which ultimately leads to faith, "because I believe in it". It's usually frustrating to discuss that with a believer.
    Demonstrability is a mandatory step for many people, mostly atheists. But the power of faith it's not about the origin of it, but about how can it help you survive.

    Hope these ramblings are readable.